I see her
From across the room
Curious curly haired creature
With hazel eyes
So full of a fire
That consumes my breath
And a smile so sincere
It steals my soul

I see her
Our faces one
Locked in a kiss
The sweet scent of her curls
Fill my mind
With thoughts of us
Watching one sunrise after another
For time eternal

I see her
Walking towards me
Precious feet treading petals
Her curls flowing in the wind
As tears fall
From our eyes
With the promise of forever
On our lips

I see her
With graceful porcelain arms
Cradling our precious treasure
Who lifts his hands
To play with her curls
And cling to her bosom
Drawing life and strength
From her endless love

I see her
Beside me every night
The greatest gift I don’t deserve
To pull her close
Feel our limbs intertwine
See her cheek on my chest
And let my fingers get lost
In her curls

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