I breathe you in.
You fill my lungs with the sweet scent of falling leaves and cold earth.
You renew me –
The crisp breeze made flesh that moves and refreshes me.
My kaleidoscope –
You draw out the color in my world my eyes alone could never see.
You break me down.
With word and deed you drive me to the ground that I might rise again stronger.
I am helpless before you.
You sweep in and tilt my world on its side effortlessly.
You comfort me.
The textures of warmth and love and home find their beginnings in your touch.
I savor you.
The way you seep into the whole of my being – my breath, my thoughts, my senses.
I wait for you.
Each moment we’re apart, I long for you…
My Eternal Autumn.

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Eternal Autumn


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