I didn’t expect you
But you appeared
Wrapped in an opportunity
I couldn’t see coming
Or understand
At least not then
Like I do now

The sight of you moved me
You made my heart smile
I started to believe
I could love again
In that way
The one before you
Was loved by me

You challenged me
Tested my patience
Pushed my buttons
Made me laugh
Gave me hope
Taught me about me
All without saying a word

As quickly as you arrived
You’ve flown away
To light the heavens
With your soul
Your playfulness
And the endless love
In your heart

For now it’s goodbye
From this earth
But only for a little while
When I’m raised up above
I’ll find you again
The little spirit
Who found me

[For anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a pet. -M]

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The Little Spirit Who Found Me


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