My lady of midnight
Walking endlessly along
The pathways of my heart
Hoping to reach me

I remain waiting
For your return
To see your breath
Dance in the cold night air
To hear dead leaves crackle
Beneath your feet
To feel the warmth of your hand
As it gets lost in mine

Your memory comes alive
In those fleeting hours
Between the suns
When the world sleeps

We danced our endless waltz
For no one but you and I
Out of sight
Yet in full view
Our hearts became one
And now beat on
Into eternity

On that night
Stuck in the tangle
Of lips and limbs
You uttered the words
That left me with none in return
Truth in every letter
Farewell in every space

I watch the sands slip by
Powerless to change their flow
As they move the hands
A minute at a time
My breath held firmly
Eyes wide
I pray
For midnight to come again


Domina Noctis


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