Wish and desire
I strike
At the soul
Within the stone
That dwells
In my daydreams

I free her
With every blow
From the limits of fantasy
To my unlimited reality

She takes shape
Beneath my hands
Becomes known
To my eyes

With every moment
I spend
In her presence
Her lines extend
Beyond the mind
And into my soul

That have not curled
That have not formed
That have not flown
I shape the mouth
That I would savor
For an eternity

I draw the lines
Of her hair
Flowing in waves
From the head
That holds memories
Of a life not yet lived
Captivating me
With every bend
And a fragrance
Unknown to stone

The chisel sings
The tones of her voice
As she calls out to me
With arms wide
Legs astride
And a body
That feels like home
My shelter
My safety

In every way I know
She stands before me now
So full of life
But not breathing
By a daydream
The hands of Fate
Can reach

With hands empty
Heart open
I pray
For Aphrodite’s gaze
Grant this fool’s wish
To feel you
See you
Love me
As I have always loved you
My Galatea




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