Walk with me he said
On this road with no end
Led by love alone
Take my hand and don’t let go

Walk with me she said
In healing me
Find the healing you seek
Learn who you are meant to be

Walk with me he said
Through good and bad
Triumph and loss
I will never leave your side

Walk with me she said
In my smile and in my kiss
See your true worth
My king among men

Walk with me he said
Fill the gaps in my spirit
The cracks in my person
Make me a better me

Walk with me she said
I will light your darkest hours
Shade you from the burning sun
Be the balance that you need

Walk with me they said
With one voice and one mind
Leaving all that was behind them
So their journey together began

Poetry, Writing

Walk With Me


3 thoughts on “Walk With Me

  1. Thank you Manoj. I am Rachael Pontillo’s mom as you may know. You have a gift to speak words of the spirit and from your soul. Your words speak to me personally.
    I will be watching and listening for more. Thank you,
    Cathy Moskal

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