I picked them up
Tried to find their place
The pieces of me
Shattered and broken
By a world that loved me
But not in the way I needed
Just when I thought
I had it together
The mirror of life
Showed me otherwise
My broken self
On display again
For the world to see
I cursed it at first
But not anymore
It brought you to me
Broken pieces in hand
You filled the gaps
Smoothed the edges
Mended me
With pieces of you
Held in place
By your love alone
Just the way I needed
Now I am not afraid
Now I like what I see
Our reflection
In the mirror of life
It comforts me
The world need not love me
You are all I need
For the rest of my days
Let it be known
I am broken no more
With you I am whole

Poetry, Writing

Broken No More


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