The sky fills with stars
Then goes to just one
Again and again
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
I do so tirelessly
For a moment with you
Is worth it all
The pain and tears
The longing and fears
That come and go
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
To be without you
Is to be without my heart
Beating in my chest
Pushing life through my body
And your love through my veins
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
The night is long
And silence unkind
Leaving me with my thoughts
Driving my heart to madness
Yearning for your touch
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
Forever yours
Eternity my goal
I pledge my love to you
Again and again
Until your return
I will remain
Waiting for you
My Lord
My love

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LDOTLG, Writing

LDOTLG – Take 1

A few lines from my upcoming novel, currently under development. I’ll release a few excerpts from time to time. Would love to hear your feedback…please leave comments. All of this is work in progress, so bear that in mind! Thank you! -M

“SHOULD’VE WORN SNEAKERS,” Taav muttered under his breath as he walked briskly down Madison Avenue. Each step across the unforgiving concrete sidewalk in dress shoes sent bolts of pain through his bad knees. The biting cold of New York City in January didn’t help matters either. Every gust of the crisp winter wind cut across his face like tiny razor blades while sending a chill into his bones that made his joints stiffen. The result was a gait that belied his years; his best efforts to conceal his limp failed miserably. With twenty blocks ahead of him and the pain in his knees worsening, Taav pulled out his iPhone with the hope that music pouring into his head through headphones would make his morning walk to the office a little less intense. A few swipes of his thumb later, his hope became reality.

You know your favorite old pair of shoes
The ones with the hole in the toe you won’t lose
Your favorite record that’s all scratched and used
You still love to play it when you’re feeling blue

There was something about Jon Bon Jovi’s crooning that put him at ease; a few bars in and Taav suddenly felt eighteen again, sitting on the hood of his ’86 Olds, drinking cheap beer and writing love songs for a girl he’d dreamt of but never met. Memories of those lighter, freer days always put a little bounce in his step and dulled the sting of his imminent middle aged status. Beyond the allure of reliving past youth and the feel of a long forgotten mop of thick black hair that once adorned his head, listening to one of New Jersey’s favorite sons allowed him to drown out the noise of his surroundings and think of her – the same girl he wrote all those love songs for. He met her years later in the most unexpected of ways, and at the least opportune of times.


I remain
Hidden from your sight
Just to be with you
My love

My desire
Consumes me
Each moment we’re apart
Burning me alive
Scratched skin
And a careless look
The spark

For every way
You are mine
Is a reason to hide
And pray
For when the darkness comes

Cloaked in night
To you I fly
Wings stretched wide
To blot the starlight
And bare my all
To you alone

Where eyes matter not
All is made clear
With pressed lips
That part briefly
Only to whisper sweetness
By divine nectar

Kissing your eyelids
I pray them shut
Before I leave
This earthly plane
I curse the morning light
And take my place
Hidden in the sun
With tears in my eyes
Until night joins us


And Cupid Wept


Wish and desire
I strike
At the soul
Within the stone
That dwells
In my daydreams

I free her
With every blow
From the limits of fantasy
To my unlimited reality

She takes shape
Beneath my hands
Becomes known
To my eyes

With every moment
I spend
In her presence
Her lines extend
Beyond the mind
And into my soul

That have not curled
That have not formed
That have not flown
I shape the mouth
That I would savor
For an eternity

I draw the lines
Of her hair
Flowing in waves
From the head
That holds memories
Of a life not yet lived
Captivating me
With every bend
And a fragrance
Unknown to stone

The chisel sings
The tones of her voice
As she calls out to me
With arms wide
Legs astride
And a body
That feels like home
My shelter
My safety

In every way I know
She stands before me now
So full of life
But not breathing
By a daydream
The hands of Fate
Can reach

With hands empty
Heart open
I pray
For Aphrodite’s gaze
Grant this fool’s wish
To feel you
See you
Love me
As I have always loved you
My Galatea




My lady of midnight
Walking endlessly along
The pathways of my heart
Hoping to reach me

I remain waiting
For your return
To see your breath
Dance in the cold night air
To hear dead leaves crackle
Beneath your feet
To feel the warmth of your hand
As it gets lost in mine

Your memory comes alive
In those fleeting hours
Between the suns
When the world sleeps

We danced our endless waltz
For no one but you and I
Out of sight
Yet in full view
Our hearts became one
And now beat on
Into eternity

On that night
Stuck in the tangle
Of lips and limbs
You uttered the words
That left me with none in return
Truth in every letter
Farewell in every space

I watch the sands slip by
Powerless to change their flow
As they move the hands
A minute at a time
My breath held firmly
Eyes wide
I pray
For midnight to come again


Domina Noctis


He’s not here
The bright eyed
Rosy cheeked
Little boy
With black hair
A face that knew
But love and laughter
I look
Deeper and deeper
Into the looking glass
He’s nowhere to be
Gone forever
Lost to
Or so I believe
Because of the face
That stares back at me
With eyes that glow dim
Their light extinguished
By the weight of
I can still feel him
Lingering in
My mind’s eye
Forever dreaming
I hope
I wish
He’d come back
Breathe new life into me
Restore my view
Of everything
Help me
He is as far
And as close
As the reflection before me
Yet I will never see him again
That sweet boy
Like flowers in Spring
All I see are
I close my eyes
Can’t bear to look at me
Not now
Not this
And I tell myself
The only thing I can
It’s okay
We all fall down





I watch the pavement weep
Beneath my feet
As once perfect raindrops
Now broken flow
Through the cracks on this road
With every step I take
Closer to you

My breaths linger on the air
Like clouds before the rain
Ghosts of the life I lived
A moment ago
Lost in memories
Of your breath on my skin
On my way to you

My footsteps have slowed
These tears now are mine
Falling like perfect raindrops
At the thought of breaths
You can no longer breathe
Memories of you linger here on the air
The ghosts that bring me back to you

Poetry, Writing




With those hands
I love so dear
Rip me open
Separate the pieces
Break me down
To the place
Where humanity and divinity meet
My spirit
My soul
Because I want you
And want you to see
That I am nothing
And you are everything
I have set aside myself
For you my love
Witness why
You consume me
Defeat me
Sustain me
Let your fingers dive
Into me
Deeper still
Until you can hold it
Hold me
Hold you
In your grasp is
Beauty eternal
Love everlasting
Pull it towards you
The you I am
The real you
Find yourself in me
I am
The infinite shelter
Relentless protector
Unceasing servant
Of the immortal you
My love
You are safe here
Within me
Beneath this tangle of
And here you will remain




On this black plane
They slide
They collide
They crash
The angel, devil and man
They are all one
Inside this mind
Yet divided they become
When they war
The angel weeps
The devil sneers
The man bleeds
None the stronger
All the weaker
Heaven’s silent gaze
Hell’s demon mouth
Earth’s core
Harmony is lost
The balance broken
So to my knees I fall
My fingers piercing space
Holding all
In that instant
The angel’s eyes open
The devil’s face doubts
The man’s heart beats
They spin again
Their delicate dance resumes
And they watch closely
As I slowly mend
This hole
In the Universe


Lacuna In Universum

Soul Crossing

Episode 4: Blood And Bone

The shapes that come into view when eyelids, long since closed, open for the first time held a strange appeal to Richard. Lifting his eyelids slowly after slumber, light would seemingly pour in over a valley of unseen structures in the distance as it bent in so many directions, distorting the spectrum of colors over and over again. In this ooze of color and shadow were peaks, splotches, snowflakes, angel wings and water drops, all with a lifespan of less than a second. Soon enough, his eyelids would be far enough apart that his brain could no longer imagine what his eyes were seeing, for they would be dutifully reporting to it the contents of the world around him, recorded in precise color and depth. But not this time.