Last Licks Before Fatherhood Redux

What is Last Licks Before Fatherhood?

In the last few days before my son, Sam, was born on August 16, 2011, I decided to start posting some thoughts on my Facebook Wall about things I wouldn’t be able to do again after I became a father, and emotions I had about becoming a father. Not sure why I started doing it, but if I had to guess, it was because I needed an outlet for the intense emotions I felt in the most mundane circumstances. I affectionately signed these posts with the words “Last licks before Fatherhood” and continued posting till the day of Sam’s birth.

The responses I got to the posts were quite overwhelming. Perhaps they resonated with people on a variety of levels I have yet to fully comprehend.

This category of blog entries is the redux of the Facebook Wall posts. I hope they will make you smile, remember or look forward to what’s next in your life.