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LDOTLG – Take 1

A few lines from my upcoming novel, currently under development. I’ll release a few excerpts from time to time. Would love to hear your feedback…please leave comments. All of this is work in progress, so bear that in mind! Thank you! -M

“SHOULD’VE WORN SNEAKERS,” Taav muttered under his breath as he walked briskly down Madison Avenue. Each step across the unforgiving concrete sidewalk in dress shoes sent bolts of pain through his bad knees. The biting cold of New York City in January didn’t help matters either. Every gust of the crisp winter wind cut across his face like tiny razor blades while sending a chill into his bones that made his joints stiffen. The result was a gait that belied his years; his best efforts to conceal his limp failed miserably. With twenty blocks ahead of him and the pain in his knees worsening, Taav pulled out his iPhone with the hope that music pouring into his head through headphones would make his morning walk to the office a little less intense. A few swipes of his thumb later, his hope became reality.

You know your favorite old pair of shoes
The ones with the hole in the toe you won’t lose
Your favorite record that’s all scratched and used
You still love to play it when you’re feeling blue

There was something about Jon Bon Jovi’s crooning that put him at ease; a few bars in and Taav suddenly felt eighteen again, sitting on the hood of his ’86 Olds, drinking cheap beer and writing love songs for a girl he’d dreamt of but never met. Memories of those lighter, freer days always put a little bounce in his step and dulled the sting of his imminent middle aged status. Beyond the allure of reliving past youth and the feel of a long forgotten mop of thick black hair that once adorned his head, listening to one of New Jersey’s favorite sons allowed him to drown out the noise of his surroundings and think of her – the same girl he wrote all those love songs for. He met her years later in the most unexpected of ways, and at the least opportune of times.