Your lines fall
Straight or to a side
Winding their way
Inside my mind
Your lines bend
Their structure your style
Slyly they curl
Becoming your smile
Your lines invite
They pull me in
Tangled within them
I find your skin
Your lines play
With the morning light
Inspiring the thoughts
In these lines I write

Poetry, Writing



Close my eyes and breathe,
Take it all in
The air, the sun, the trees,
Where I’ve always been.

Stretch your arms wide
And feel me within,
Right beside you standing
Where I’ve always been.

Walk along the ocean
Where we kissed and grinned,
Remembering that moment
Where I’ve always been.

Days turn to minutes,
Sunlight starts to thin,
As I fall away from
Where I’ve always been.

Sitting here in silence
Reality sets in
I am here without you
Where I’ve always been.


Always Been