I watch the pavement weep
Beneath my feet
As once perfect raindrops
Now broken flow
Through the cracks on this road
With every step I take
Closer to you

My breaths linger on the air
Like clouds before the rain
Ghosts of the life I lived
A moment ago
Lost in memories
Of your breath on my skin
On my way to you

My footsteps have slowed
These tears now are mine
Falling like perfect raindrops
At the thought of breaths
You can no longer breathe
Memories of you linger here on the air
The ghosts that bring me back to you

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I didn’t expect you
But you appeared
Wrapped in an opportunity
I couldn’t see coming
Or understand
At least not then
Like I do now

The sight of you moved me
You made my heart smile
I started to believe
I could love again
In that way
The one before you
Was loved by me

You challenged me
Tested my patience
Pushed my buttons
Made me laugh
Gave me hope
Taught me about me
All without saying a word

As quickly as you arrived
You’ve flown away
To light the heavens
With your soul
Your playfulness
And the endless love
In your heart

For now it’s goodbye
From this earth
But only for a little while
When I’m raised up above
I’ll find you again
The little spirit
Who found me

[For anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a pet. -M]

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The Little Spirit Who Found Me


Into our hands each one was entrusted,
A precious treasure from Heaven above.
With sweet little faces cast in our image,
They teach us all how simply to love.

We hold on well to our precious treasures,
Watching them grow by day and by night.
The world in their eyes is so full of wonder,
Yet to us they are its most blissful sight.

We stand in awe as they start to imagine,
Color the world and brighten our homes.
Unburdening us with their childish laughter –
They make us smile with their smiles alone.

We hurt inside and tears fill our eyes
When from us a precious treasure departs.
It matters not if they were our own,
Seeing them go breaks our spirits and hearts.

So when we cry as these little gifts leave,
And reel from a pain that cuts deep as bone,
A great truth of the world is revealed –
These precious treasures were never ours alone.

For each lovely child parents have in their lives
Is a treasure that comes to them through birth.
But the power children have to enlighten their lives
Can also shine light across the Earth.

No matter the cost, these gifts we must guard
That they might help cast this world anew.
Remembering all the while, we’re here only because
We were all once precious treasures too.

[Inspired by the tragic events of the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting. No words of mine can offer solace to the family members and loved ones of the children who perished. I just want them to know that I grieve with them, as I know many of you do. -M]

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Precious Treasures


Like mists of the morning the Sun burns away,
So brief was my time on this earthly plane.

Though your eyes never witnessed my body grow,
There are parts of my soul your heart should know.

For in that moment when I came to be,
I felt the great depth of your love for me.

Each time you embraced or simply came near,
The lullaby of your hearts beating filled my ears.

Wrapped tight by your thoughts and dreams of me,
I slept in a warmth and comfort you could not see.

While I had not a name for you to call,
I came to the warmth of your hand when beside me it would fall.

Though I’ve left you for now, do not despair,
For I’ve known the best parts of you – your love and your care.

Above all else know this to be true,
I am the love that’s waiting in Heaven for you.

[Dedicated to all parents and couples who have endured loss while trying to have a baby. Stay strong. -M]

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The Love That’s Waiting