I watch the pavement weep
Beneath my feet
As once perfect raindrops
Now broken flow
Through the cracks on this road
With every step I take
Closer to you

My breaths linger on the air
Like clouds before the rain
Ghosts of the life I lived
A moment ago
Lost in memories
Of your breath on my skin
On my way to you

My footsteps have slowed
These tears now are mine
Falling like perfect raindrops
At the thought of breaths
You can no longer breathe
Memories of you linger here on the air
The ghosts that bring me back to you

Poetry, Writing




With those hands
I love so dear
Rip me open
Separate the pieces
Break me down
To the place
Where humanity and divinity meet
My spirit
My soul
Because I want you
And want you to see
That I am nothing
And you are everything
I have set aside myself
For you my love
Witness why
You consume me
Defeat me
Sustain me
Let your fingers dive
Into me
Deeper still
Until you can hold it
Hold me
Hold you
In your grasp is
Beauty eternal
Love everlasting
Pull it towards you
The you I am
The real you
Find yourself in me
I am
The infinite shelter
Relentless protector
Unceasing servant
Of the immortal you
My love
You are safe here
Within me
Beneath this tangle of
And here you will remain




Booboo Finish

Somewhere in my late teens, I started to develop a sensitivity to bleeding. Not to the bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes I got while doing work in my yard or from nicks caused by my razor while shaving, but to the bleeding from deep cuts or wounds associated with some unseen internal damage. I would feel lightheaded if something had cut me deep enough to hit bone. I once passed out while paying for dental work I just had because I was bleeding heavily from the gums where two wisdom teeth were removed.

Soul Crossing

Episode 1: Broken Things

Sydel was all too familiar with the clinking of glass. In the last seven years of bartending at taverns and pubs across the city, she had become fluent in the different types of glass clinking sounds and their meanings. There was the high pitched and resonating clink of the Chardonnay glasses, commonly heard at tables with groups of women getting their ‘girls night out’ started. There was the sharp, brief and muted clink of full pint glasses, heard at the bar during Happy Hour as the construction workers from the nearby site congratulated each other on a job well done. There was also the annoying stinging clink of shot glasses slammed down and slid into one another by a wannabe Romeo, not man enough to shoot whiskey, throwing back several fruity shots to impress the ladies at the bar. But the clinking Sydel was most familiar with was the sound all the different types of glasses made when she gathered them into her hands and brought them over to the sink to wash them and dry them, so they could be clinked by patrons of the bar once more.


My eyelids fall
There you are
In bits and pieces
In clips and phrases
The lines of your hips
The curve of your smile
The shape of your fingers
The sound of your laughter
My senses come alive
Yet I search for breath
It was swept away
Along with my heart
Stolen by you
In an instant
Never to be returned
Forever yours
My eyelids rise
Here you are not
And you won’t be
Until I blink again

Poetry, Writing



I breathe you in.
You fill my lungs with the sweet scent of falling leaves and cold earth.
You renew me –
The crisp breeze made flesh that moves and refreshes me.
My kaleidoscope –
You draw out the color in my world my eyes alone could never see.
You break me down.
With word and deed you drive me to the ground that I might rise again stronger.
I am helpless before you.
You sweep in and tilt my world on its side effortlessly.
You comfort me.
The textures of warmth and love and home find their beginnings in your touch.
I savor you.
The way you seep into the whole of my being – my breath, my thoughts, my senses.
I wait for you.
Each moment we’re apart, I long for you…
My Eternal Autumn.

Poetry, Thoughts, Writing

Eternal Autumn


You mend and heal me
With your touch
You dissolve the darkness
With your smile
You raise me up
With your words alone
You dry my tears
With your spirit
You sweeten my dreams
With your laughter
You cast aside my fears
With your beauty
You bring me home
With your embrace
You make me perfect
With your soul

Poetry, Writing

Animam Imperfectam


In the space between
My eyes and you
The light carries with it
No flaws I can see

The words that fall
From your lips
Could not possibly be
In lovelier tones

Caught in those moments
When your mouth finds mine
I can think of
No sweetness that compares

When day breaks
I rise with a smile
With the fragrance of your hair
Filling my lungs

Melt I do
With the warmth of your touch
Each day I wait
To melt again

As years go by
Five senses find
You are and will always be
My kind of perfect


My Kind Of Perfect


Your lines fall
Straight or to a side
Winding their way
Inside my mind
Your lines bend
Their structure your style
Slyly they curl
Becoming your smile
Your lines invite
They pull me in
Tangled within them
I find your skin
Your lines play
With the morning light
Inspiring the thoughts
In these lines I write

Poetry, Writing



I see her
From across the room
Curious curly haired creature
With hazel eyes
So full of a fire
That consumes my breath
And a smile so sincere
It steals my soul

I see her
Our faces one
Locked in a kiss
The sweet scent of her curls
Fill my mind
With thoughts of us
Watching one sunrise after another
For time eternal

I see her
Walking towards me
Precious feet treading petals
Her curls flowing in the wind
As tears fall
From our eyes
With the promise of forever
On our lips

I see her
With graceful porcelain arms
Cradling our precious treasure
Who lifts his hands
To play with her curls
And cling to her bosom
Drawing life and strength
From her endless love

I see her
Beside me every night
The greatest gift I don’t deserve
To pull her close
Feel our limbs intertwine
See her cheek on my chest
And let my fingers get lost
In her curls

Poetry, Writing