The sky fills with stars
Then goes to just one
Again and again
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
I do so tirelessly
For a moment with you
Is worth it all
The pain and tears
The longing and fears
That come and go
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
To be without you
Is to be without my heart
Beating in my chest
Pushing life through my body
And your love through my veins
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
The night is long
And silence unkind
Leaving me with my thoughts
Driving my heart to madness
Yearning for your touch
As I wait for you
My Lord
My love
Forever yours
Eternity my goal
I pledge my love to you
Again and again
Until your return
I will remain
Waiting for you
My Lord
My love

Poetry, Writing



I remain
Hidden from your sight
Just to be with you
My love

My desire
Consumes me
Each moment we’re apart
Burning me alive
Scratched skin
And a careless look
The spark

For every way
You are mine
Is a reason to hide
And pray
For when the darkness comes

Cloaked in night
To you I fly
Wings stretched wide
To blot the starlight
And bare my all
To you alone

Where eyes matter not
All is made clear
With pressed lips
That part briefly
Only to whisper sweetness
By divine nectar

Kissing your eyelids
I pray them shut
Before I leave
This earthly plane
I curse the morning light
And take my place
Hidden in the sun
With tears in my eyes
Until night joins us


And Cupid Wept