I breathe you in.
You fill my lungs with the sweet scent of falling leaves and cold earth.
You renew me –
The crisp breeze made flesh that moves and refreshes me.
My kaleidoscope –
You draw out the color in my world my eyes alone could never see.
You break me down.
With word and deed you drive me to the ground that I might rise again stronger.
I am helpless before you.
You sweep in and tilt my world on its side effortlessly.
You comfort me.
The textures of warmth and love and home find their beginnings in your touch.
I savor you.
The way you seep into the whole of my being – my breath, my thoughts, my senses.
I wait for you.
Each moment we’re apart, I long for you…
My Eternal Autumn.

Poetry, Thoughts, Writing

Eternal Autumn


You mend and heal me
With your touch
You dissolve the darkness
With your smile
You raise me up
With your words alone
You dry my tears
With your spirit
You sweeten my dreams
With your laughter
You cast aside my fears
With your beauty
You bring me home
With your embrace
You make me perfect
With your soul

Poetry, Writing

Animam Imperfectam


I fight
Not because I want to
But I must
This battle is not for glory
It is for life
My own
Against this invisible foe
Who ravages silently
My skin
My breasts
My stomach
And more
I fight not for medals and honors
Only for days and weeks
To spend with you
The ones I love
From your eyes
I draw strength
From your words
I find courage
From your love
I gain spirit
To fight on
I will not surrender
Not like this
Not against this coward
Who lurks within me
I will not lay down my arms
I will not let go
I will always remain
Till the end of my days
A warrior

[Dedicated to Logan and all the men, women and children who fight cancer each day. Keep fighting. -M]

Poetry, Writing

The Warrior


Like mists of the morning the Sun burns away,
So brief was my time on this earthly plane.

Though your eyes never witnessed my body grow,
There are parts of my soul your heart should know.

For in that moment when I came to be,
I felt the great depth of your love for me.

Each time you embraced or simply came near,
The lullaby of your hearts beating filled my ears.

Wrapped tight by your thoughts and dreams of me,
I slept in a warmth and comfort you could not see.

While I had not a name for you to call,
I came to the warmth of your hand when beside me it would fall.

Though I’ve left you for now, do not despair,
For I’ve known the best parts of you – your love and your care.

Above all else know this to be true,
I am the love that’s waiting in Heaven for you.

[Dedicated to all parents and couples who have endured loss while trying to have a baby. Stay strong. -M]

Poetry, Thoughts, Writing

The Love That’s Waiting


In the space between
My eyes and you
The light carries with it
No flaws I can see

The words that fall
From your lips
Could not possibly be
In lovelier tones

Caught in those moments
When your mouth finds mine
I can think of
No sweetness that compares

When day breaks
I rise with a smile
With the fragrance of your hair
Filling my lungs

Melt I do
With the warmth of your touch
Each day I wait
To melt again

As years go by
Five senses find
You are and will always be
My kind of perfect


My Kind Of Perfect


Empty the spirit
The soul
Let it flow
Pour out of me
As I breathe
Mind is clear
Thoughts are gone
All that remains
Is me
Breathe in
New life
Fills my lungs
Veins pulse with energy
Another spirit
Rises within me
Eyes open wide
Lightning in my gaze
Fists aflame
Step once
Step again
Circle the energy
Set it free
Building bridges
With my hands
Forged in the strength
Of generations before
Unlock each gate
Revealing the power within
Breathe in and do it again
Release fury
Replace it with grace
Dancing the dance
Of butterflies and dragons
I subdue
The tiger within

[Note: Inspired by the first hand form of the Hung Ga style of kung fu, ‘Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen’ – translated as ‘Subduing the tiger in an I pattern’. To learn more about Hung Ga kung fu, click here.]

Poetry, Writing

Subduing The Tiger In An ‘I’ Pattern


Your lines fall
Straight or to a side
Winding their way
Inside my mind
Your lines bend
Their structure your style
Slyly they curl
Becoming your smile
Your lines invite
They pull me in
Tangled within them
I find your skin
Your lines play
With the morning light
Inspiring the thoughts
In these lines I write

Poetry, Writing



I see her
From across the room
Curious curly haired creature
With hazel eyes
So full of a fire
That consumes my breath
And a smile so sincere
It steals my soul

I see her
Our faces one
Locked in a kiss
The sweet scent of her curls
Fill my mind
With thoughts of us
Watching one sunrise after another
For time eternal

I see her
Walking towards me
Precious feet treading petals
Her curls flowing in the wind
As tears fall
From our eyes
With the promise of forever
On our lips

I see her
With graceful porcelain arms
Cradling our precious treasure
Who lifts his hands
To play with her curls
And cling to her bosom
Drawing life and strength
From her endless love

I see her
Beside me every night
The greatest gift I don’t deserve
To pull her close
Feel our limbs intertwine
See her cheek on my chest
And let my fingers get lost
In her curls

Poetry, Writing



Close my eyes and breathe,
Take it all in
The air, the sun, the trees,
Where I’ve always been.

Stretch your arms wide
And feel me within,
Right beside you standing
Where I’ve always been.

Walk along the ocean
Where we kissed and grinned,
Remembering that moment
Where I’ve always been.

Days turn to minutes,
Sunlight starts to thin,
As I fall away from
Where I’ve always been.

Sitting here in silence
Reality sets in
I am here without you
Where I’ve always been.


Always Been


An empty room with sun streaming through a window
Somewhere in-between
dark and light,
black and white,
I am.

I see me
in the dark,
Hell’s child,

I see me
bathed in light,
Earth’s hope,

I slither,
I soar.
Snake’s fang,
crane’s wing.

All in one
I am all.
The mirror
not deceiving.

On the edge
of Yin and Yang
my heart needs

For greater purpose
I was born,
than to lie here

He comes
with haste
to flush out
all the darkness.

Still I cling
to the black within
for reasons

I fear
the split,
for it will be
the end.

So strong
was I
draped in

Yet the light
is new
and feels
so warm.


Am I
white and black,
light and dark,
in-between somewhere?